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 Applying for GM

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PostSubject: Applying for GM   Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:58 pm

Key- Akamaro

In-game name- I have 2, Akamaro and Waffle

E-mail- Nick.busch@gmail.com

Skills (Coder, GFX, Iconner etc)- I'd say I'm above average at GFX (I can provide a link if needed) and I'm also a good people person.

Experience- To be honest, none as a GM. Most games seem to put retards as GM's instead of people with brains, go figure.

Reason for applying- Well, my first reason for applying is of course, I love the game. It's fun and I love it. My second reason would be that I see a lot of the GM's not only not doing their jobs, but arguing over the OOC chat about dumb crap such as who has a higher level and about how someone doesn't have a life because they are stronger. It's getting silly... It's not only a bad example but it makes the GM's lose sight of their job, to help the players. I think as a GM I could really help out, give the players help when they need it and just give it my all as far as helping and making the game a better place.

I'm very good with people, I have patience, I know when something is a joke and when it crosses the line, I am extremely friendly but I know when to be strong and enforce the rules, I won't just sit back and do nothing as a GM and bathe in the glory of the title, I'll actually help people, answer their questions the best I can and help people to make their game a bit easier and more fun.

I can also help out with GFX. Like I said, I'd say I'm above average, I have a lot of stufgf I've done over the years that you can take a look at if you'd like. Maybe I can give you guys some cool banners or something?

I hope you consider my application. ^_^

(P.S. Game is down. Sad Makes me sad.)

(P.P.S. I also have msn messanger at chaos_rider_5700@hotmail.com if you want to contact me there.)
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Applying for GM
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