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 Applying for GM: Lord Jozaga :D

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PostSubject: Applying for GM: Lord Jozaga :D   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:09 am

BYOND Key- Lord Jozaga

Ws1 character: J Saiyan
Ws2 character: Jozaga

Reasons I want to be an online enforcer: The reason I want to become an online enforcer for world strongest 1 is because I have been playing for a few months and I understand and know all rules and I know a lot about the game now. I want to become a Gm and I want to make ws to be a fun game for everyone and I want to be a Gm who would make playing fun for everyone and to be fair. I will promise to follow all rules and not abuse my power and to get along with everyone in the game and contribute to the game instead of being mean and starting arguments with people. I want to make peace in the game and be the online enforcer who enforces the rules and have fun! If i were to become an online enforcer I would be any lv of gm that you believe I should be and I would accept anything. If I am not chosen I won't complain and I will still uphold the rules as a regular memeber. Thank you for reading and I hope you choose me to be an online enforcer Very Happy lol!

Merry Christmas fellow gamers !! santa keep training!!!! afro
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Applying for GM: Lord Jozaga :D
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