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 Derrick's GM Application

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PostSubject: Derrick's GM Application   Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:12 am

In-game name-DarkKnight
Skills-Former Iconner
Experience-I have been enforcer on Bleach DimondDustRebellion,A master admin on Anime Fusion,and a Admin on Bleach Aizens Rage and an owner on Bleach the darkness from within and I was a Trial Enforcer on The New Power.
Reason for applying-I am applying because I would like to help the game community. I will prevent all Safe zone attacks and punish those who do it. I am very friendly and good at communicating with players. I will always report bugs or any problems with the game when I find one. I will not abuse my powers. I will help all players. I will not give any type of special treatment to any friends or family. I will punish them if needed. I am not racial and will not ignore any player. I am very active on the game. I will take full responsibilities for my actions. I will not blame it on anyone else. I will always alert any other GM's online at the time of the Rule Breakers. If the GM's are being bamboozled with too many questions then I will tell them to relax and I will handle all the questions and problems. Unless I cant deliver the right punishment to people who break the rules. I have learned a lot of things from previous games I have been GM on.I am never pressured to make the right decisions and will obey all of those higher to me.
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Derrick's GM Application
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