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 Loki GM app

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God Loki

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PostSubject: Loki GM app   Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:57 pm

Low Enforcer Application[please trial me if u think im unacceptable...]
Location: US NY(NewYork)
-None as of yet this would be my first.

What skills do you have?
-code(not good at coding at all really...)

What would you're personality be like?
-strict at times
What would you do if you were to get Gm?
-if i got gm i would 1 enforce all game rules with proper
punishments and also i would help work on iconning any new
race ideas anyone might have.

What are your reasons on wanting to become a Gm on this game?
-I enjoy iconning.
-Ive been playing this game for almost a full month.
-I already enforce some of the many rules for this game
in vigilante style and I would like to have a chance to do
that on a Gm scale.
-also this being a great game that many play...
I think it would look great on any Gm apps I have post op
to this one.

What Past Exp have you had?
-none at being a gm
how ever at iconning check out sum of my icons such as
my Newly made Uub icon and yes it is an original it may
be a little sketchy but all originals are at first.

~**Thank You**~ (for reading)
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Loki GM app
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