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 Application for a Low Enforcer

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PostSubject: Application for a Low Enforcer   Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:06 am

Key- God_Slayer2000
In-game name- Menji
E-mail- michael_lee_nichols@hotmail.com
Skills (Coder, GFX, Iconner etc)- I can make a few icons
Experience- Enforcer on Dragonball Sayains Rage, and Co-Owner on Bleach Unspoken Memories
Reason for applying- The Reason I am applying for a gm spot is because I like to help people if they are having trouble with something that a normal player cant fix or help. I try hard not to abuse my powers and usaully im good not to. I wont lie and say i will never abuse my power because everyone does. I will not however wal a person through the game like a baby because that takes away from the game. The whole reason for the game is to be able to talk to other and not have to worry about someone making sexiest, racist remarks. that is one thing i cant stand. If I am choosen I will do my best to make sure that everyone enjoys the game. Thank You Menji
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Application for a Low Enforcer
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