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 ~Kiwi's Suggestions

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Kawaii Kiwi

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PostSubject: ~Kiwi's Suggestions   Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:20 am


People Should have To be A Minimum Of Level 50k To Create A Guild. This Will Make It Very Much Less Stress As So Much HTML will now Have To Be Shown Making More Lag.

Guilds Should Have More Better Ranks. With More Different verbs For Each Rank.

All Members Ect. Should Be Able To Change There Own Title.

Like Leaders Should Have Make Guild And Change Title.

And Co - Leaders Should Not Be Able To Change Other Co Leaders Titles.

Only Owner Should Be Able To Change Anyones Title. Other Then That It Should Not Happen Other Then Self Title Nameing.


Mystic Dragonballs Should Be Auto Inventoryed To The Killer. Instead Of People Keeping Them.
Many People Like To Try And Keep Them When No GM Is On.

GM's Should Have A Dragonball Check Verb. So That they Are Not Deleted Because A Player Says Delet And Revive Balls.

The Balls Should Not Give Random TP's. Some People Such As [Bob] Is Over Powered. Do To Dragonballs.

[Safe Zone]

There Should Be More Then One Safe Zone.

It Should Be From The Entrance To The Street. The Boarder For SZ Is Not Cool.

It Should Not Include The Grass Beside The Building. It Should Be From The Exit Of The Door Way. And Beyond!

And All Building That Have A Roof. Should Be SZ Other Then That, People Should Be Able To Be Killed From Anywhere.

I Don't Know How People Kill In The SafeZone... But There Should Be Some Way That If You ARE killed In The Safe Zone The Code Should Relize This And there Should Be A Revive From Safe Zone Kill Verb In Commands.


Some Admins Such As "Rota" Abuse there Verbs.

And Alot Of Admins Do Not Help Players With There Problems. [Baka]

There Should Be A GM To Every Time Zone. So That There Is A GM On 24/7.

[Admin Area]

This Wastes Space. No GM's Even Enter This... The Map Should Be Altrd
OR It Should Be Made A New Training Area For PLAYERS.


First DT Should Do More Then ST.
And the TP Gain For Members Is Messed Up. They Should Gain More. Instead Of Lose More.

And The Whieghts Should Help Training x2

So The Non Members Have A Chance At The Members If they Level Longer When A Member is Offline. Evening The Scorboard.

[Guild Items]

Players Should be Limited To "Two" Icons Because Some Players Have On So Many That The Base icon Is Not Able To Be Seen. And This Will Reduce Lag.

Players Should Be Able To Drop The Guild Item So that Others May Have With Out Having to Load And Send Others A Large Icon File Loading The Game And Making Lag.

Players Should Not Be Able To Make Guild Items That Cover Over 70% Of The 32x32 Frame.


When People Log On They Should Be Placed In Random Parts Of The Map. So Many People Standing In One Area With So Many Guild Items. Lags. [And This Was Proven]

[Ki Attacks]

All ki Attacks Should Be Based On Ki. The System Set Up Now. Is A Very Odd One. And I Think You Should Make it More Unique.

There Should be more Attacks As Well.


There Should Be A Members Only Training Area.

And People Shoule Not Be Able To IT to members.

[Guild House]

People Should Not Be Able To Teleport To People While In There Guild House.

Guild Houses Should Cost 900 Million Zenni.

[Zeni System]

Zeni Should Be More Valuable.

Such As is Should Be Harder to get.

And People Should Not Have To Fork Over So Much Zeni When They Die In Arena Duel.

There Should Also Be A Give Zeni Verb Added. So If A Player wants to help a noob by armor or whights he can if he/ she pleases.


SS12 Is A Little Outragous.

Halfies Should be Stronger.

Having to Get Mystic For Humans Or Halfies Should Not Be.

You Should Be Able To get All transes from halfie before you get mystic just dont allow the mystic trans. because you get lvl 8000 so fast and leveling is easy. most people can't get db's cause of stronger players. and there are many players!!!!

Will Update Soon
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~Kiwi's Suggestions
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