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 Kalafist's App.

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PostSubject: Kalafist's App.   Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:38 am

Name: Kalafist
Key: BlueHX
Email: bluehellx@yahoo.com
Time Zone: GMT -5:00
Location: Maryland, USA.

- None. <---Never been hired for this reason. xD (I'll never get any experience, if no one hires me for not having experience. Oh, the Irony!)

What skills do you have?
None, really, but I'd be good at enforcing.

What would you're personality be like?

First off, I'll start by saying, I'm weird (not in that wrong way), easy going, I get along with most players, atleast the ones that don't do things like: Take 1 or 2 of the DBs and hold them in a safe zone, and not give them up. *coughTrunkscough* Excuse me. Anyways...I try to use proper spelling and grammar at all times, I'm mostly friendly to all people, and other species. Well, thats pretty much all there is (that I can think of). Hope you pick me.

Reason for aplying: Lol, just to see this fail. >_>
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Kalafist's App.
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