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 Rotalumis' Admin Application

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PostSubject: Rotalumis' Admin Application   Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:54 pm

Key name: Pimp Cane
Char name: Rotalumis/Liam
Location: United Kingdom, England
Time Zone: UTC, GMT+0

Hi im Rotalumis/Liam i think that i make a great admin most people know me and love me from other games of which i have been admin xD.

Admin Experiences:
I have been Admin on :
Endless Battle- Game Owner
Elite Legends- Master Enforcer.
Unleashed- High Enforcer.
Celestial- High Enforcer.
Epic Battle- Staff Council.
Chronicles Unite- Staff Council.

My Abilities:
Hosting (Basic)
Coding (Basic)
Iconing (Basic)

My Favourite things/Hobbies:
(When im not working hard on my game)

I am a responsable mature young adult that can be trusted with the verbs and authority that comes with being an Admin,
Thank you for reading my Application.
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Rotalumis' Admin Application
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