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 Android Suggestions

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Matt D

PostSubject: Android Suggestions   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:43 am

More stat gains from transforms, maybe for some other races too... Saiyans have like 16 transformations.. come on.

Androids shouldn't be able to be Instant Transmissioned too, since you can't read there energy as it is.. so I think it kinda goes against the point of being an ANDROID.

We should be able to learn the skill Rapid-KI blast.

Ki-Absorb should be able to Absorb any kind of energy attack as long as its under your PL.( when uses Ki absorb, you die when hit with energy attack, even if its weaker)

When we trans we should be able to stay in a Humanoid Looking form.. we are evolving into perfect humanoids as it is.

Maybe some sort of Android Fusion would be kinda cool, but im just throwing it out there for w/e.

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Android Suggestions
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