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 Race Bugs i found

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PostSubject: Race Bugs i found   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:28 pm

1:Saibaman Forget their Techniques after youlearn them if you Relog and the same goes to Dark Namek.
2:Babidi Can be Abusable by Talk to Him and non accepting the Majin, witch is possible to accept being Majined how many times you want Till you go Inf if you still have a pop up window about majin.
3:Androids, if you Transform and use a Ki move your Ki will go back straight to 0.
4:Majin Bug, sometimes if you are Majin Race and have the Requirament to Transform to your next Transformation your Majin will Auto Transform, without you Unleash Rage, Eat Candy, Absorv...
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Race Bugs i found
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