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 gm application

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PostSubject: gm application   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:13 pm

Key:Gogeta super saiyan 1000

name in game:Goku ss

experience:Dragonball Z The rise for power:trial enforcer,dragonball chaos relm:high council,Dragonball Z The New Age:high councel and more.......

why do i wan't to be a gm:but experience doesn't matter so much its how the gm is then the experience and i love to help people i don't edit my self if i lose to a player or another gm and i never show of because of my title i never break the rules i never ever abuse my power and if someone is breaking the rules i don't just let it go i don't let anyone break the rules and because of me the games i have listed and more have become alot better even when i was a trial people said i was a great trial and i got better when i became a high councel gm and i simply love helping people and if i can i help people and if i get stuck i ask another gm and i try to preven't anything bad that would happen to the game i hope you make the right choice and even if you don't pick me i will still play your game because i love it!

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gm application
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