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 Dark Nick Gm Applcation

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Dark Nick

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PostSubject: Dark Nick Gm Applcation   Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:07 am

In-game name-Dark Nick
Skills (Coder, GFX, Iconner etc)-Night Gm
Experience-Reason for applying-I should be picked because you don't got enough active gms. I was a (Night Gm)GM in Battle of evermore servers.This is another experience I've had with gming. In Dragonball Legend's Reborn I did many events, Trivia's, Budokais, just about everything.
Why I want this job:It seems the only gm's on at night don't really help. I mostly want this job because I know for a fact i'll do this job, I love helping people, I'm more active then 65% of the players and gm's from what i have seen.(Yes i have no life)
I've played this game for two days and i've already been tempted to quit because of gm's not helping players, gm's booting because a player killer them.
I'm also a gm on HR.
Although I've only played this game for two days, im a quick learner, i know what im doing when it comes to gming, I won't disappoint you.

If you don't like what im offering you, at least try me for trial?(I can help get rid of all spammers.)

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Lord Gahid

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PostSubject: so good   Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:21 am

this is a wonderfull app ..
not everyone can make a app like this one.
and seems like he got experience . and alot more things.
Dark Nick ftw = uber gm !
i know Nick realy long and this man is dedicated to dbz games . i dont know how but this man is a 24/7 robot always on . he never sleep he is fair against every player .. and wud be great asset to the gm team .

aka gahid
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Dark Nick Gm Applcation
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