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 iam a Great asset to ur gm team .

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Lord Gahid

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PostSubject: iam a Great asset to ur gm team .   Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:51 am

Key : Lord Gahid

Name in Game : Darkcih

Exp: Gm on LR , GM on HR , GM on RR , Owner of Crimson glory and more ...

I think you should pick me because I am a fair person
I have been GM in ALOOOOOOOT of Games and I have hosted alot of games, but most of the games I get GM on is not because of my iconing skiils or anything like that, but for what a GM should be for, a person to watch over the game that can be on for a while and is fair to all no matter who they have to mute, boot, or ban.

I can do a bit of coding but i just learned how to so im not dependable on that, I can host pretty good, and I can icon alot better than most noob iconers out there( most people in the game can tell you, they ask for my suits.)

aka Darkcih GAhid ...
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iam a Great asset to ur gm team .
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